Chats (for you) – Episode 19, Richard Wiseman + new and improved episodes!

richard wiseman

This 19th episode of ‘Chats (for you)’ features a chat with Professor Richard Wiseman. Topics covered include Richard’s books, his Dream:On app, and there is a bit of role-play involved.


Richard can be found on twitter (@richardwiseman) and his website can be found here:

Twitter: @chatsforyou.

And also, every episode of ‘Chats (for you)’ has been tweaked and updated to sound a bit nicer. New intros, outros, a logo for the podcast, etc. So if you’re new to this site and want to hear chats with the likes of Adam Buxton, Mark Watson, Paul Foot, Beardyman, Jo Caulfield and many more, please do visit the ‘Chats (for you)’ page:

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