Chats (for you) – Live! w/ Adam Kay & Ed Gamble

Chats (for you) with James Walker – a silly podcast featuring interviews with the likes of James Acaster, Mark Watson, B. J. Novak, Adam Buxton and many more – makes its live show debut at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Wednesday 15th August at 2.45, Monkey Barrel Comedy is when it’s happening,

You know you’ve maybe been to a live podcast recording with a professional comedian at the helm, people who are very comfortable onstage, know what they’re doing? BORING. What if I told you you could see one from a guy who’s max stage time so far has been about 15 minutes, and he’s got over an hour to fill? EXCITING.

Come on down and witness a very nice boy asking questions of very nice guests, including Adam Kay – author of the Sunday Times Bestseller ‘This is Going To Hurt’ and stand-up comedian, Ed Gamble.

A lot more info can be found in the ridiculous image below:

Here is the Facebook event:

To check out the podcast,, or search ‘chats for you’ on your podcasts app.

Some nice things guests have said about the podcast:

‘This is a really good podcast.. Long may it continue’ – Mark Watson, comedian

‘That was fun’ – B.J. Novak, Hollywood actor/writer

‘We’ve established that this is the podcast that made me‘ – James Acaster, comedian (said during his 3rd appearance on the podcast, and definitely 100% sincere)

‘I’ve never done anything like this before’ – Fred MacAulay, comedian (meant in a nice way)

‘James is a good interviewer who does his research and has only a slightly unsettling presence’ – Iain Stirling, comedian and voice of Love Island.