Chats (for you) with James Walker


This is a really good podcast.. Long may it continue’ – Mark Watson, comedian

That was fun’ – B.J. Novak, Hollywood actor/writer

We’ve established that this is the podcast that made me‘ – James Acaster, comedian (during his 3rd appearance on the podcast – definitely 100% sincere)

‘I’ve never done anything like this before’Fred MacAulay, comedian (meant in a nice way)

James is a good interviewer who does his research and has only a slightly unsettling presence’ – Iain Stirling, comedian and voice of Love Island

In this podcast, James Walker talks to people for you, the public. These ‘people’ will be ‘people’ he is a fan of anyway, so you really are very welcome, people.

Chats have already happened with the likes of B.J. Novak, Mark Watson (twice), James Acaster (thrice), Al Murray, Eddie Pepitone, Josie Long (twice), Adam Buxton, Professor Richard Wiseman, Tom Stade, Robin Ince, Claudia O’Doherty, Paul Foot, Ed Gamble, and many more.

It’s an informal chat that focuses on the personality of the act themselves, rather than an interview about how they got into comedy, or other questions most acts get asked regularly. I like to think it’s something of a unique, and silly interview experience.

Here are a few pictures of James with some of his guests post-chat:

pod guests

Left to right: Carl Donnelly, James Acaster, Josie Long, Lewis Hou (Live at The Stand), B.J. Novak, and Ed Gamble.

You can listen to all of the chats by clicking on your chosen episode below, or click the following link to find the podcast on iTunes here.

Or find the RSS feed here.

Podcast is also available on Soundcloud here.

To contact the podcast, email, or you can tweet @chatsforyou, @jameswalkerguy, or find it on Facebook at SO many options for you.

Episode 58 – Ed Gamble, Adam Kay, Amy Matthews & the voice of James Acaster (Live!) 

Episode 57.5 – Live Show Announcement!

Episode 57 – Ed Gamble 2: Ed Gambler

Episode 56 – Iain Stirling 2: Iain Stirling-er

Episode 55 – James Acaster 3: James Acaster With A Vengeance

Episode 54 – Michael Legge 2: Michael Legger

Episode 53 – Yianni Agisilaou 2: Yianni Agisilaou-er

Episode 52 – Phil Wang

Episode 51 – Sam Irving & Will Naameh (Spontaneous Sherlock)

Episode 50 – Mark Watson 2: Mark Watson-er

Episode 49 – Josie Long 2: Josie Long-er

Episode 48 – Fern Brady

Episode 47 – Carl Donnelly

Episode 46 – Ed Gamble

Episode 45 – James Acaster 2: James Acaster-er 

1st Visual Chat – Stuart Goldsmith

Episode 44 – Jojo Sutherland

Episode 43 – Patrick Monahan + Lewis Hou (Live!)

Episode 42 – Iain Stirling

Episode 41 – Daniel Sloss

Episode 40 – Jarred Christmas

Episode 39 – Fred MacAulay

Episode 38 – 2014 Christmas Catch-Up Special

Episode 37 – Juliette Burton

Episode 36 – James Acaster

Episode 35 – B.J. Novak, Craig Campbell and A Waiter

Episode 34 – Nick Mohammed

Episode 33 – Alex Edelman

Episode 32 – Josie Long

Episode 31 – Eddie Pepitone

Episode 30 – Paul F Taylor, David Morgan and Dan Schreiber

Episode 29 – Sammy J

Episode 28 – Friends At The Fringe

Episode 27 – Al Murray

Episode 26 – Grant Stott

Episode 25.5 – The BONUS MINI EPISODE!

Episode 25 – Rob Rouse and Lloyd Langford

Episode 24 – Siân Bevan

Episode 23 – Tom Stade

Episode 22 – Alex Horne

Episode 21 – The Christmas Catch-Up Special

Episode 20 – Robin Ince

Episode 19 – Richard Wiseman

Episode 18 – Trevor Lock

Episode 17 – The Spook School

Episode 16 – Jo Caulfield

Episode 15 – Yianni

Episode 14 – Adam Kay

Episode 13 – Stuart Goldsmith and Claudia O’Doherty

Episode 12 – Mark Watson

Episode 11 – Beardyman

Episode 10 – Stephen Carlin

Episode 9 – Paul Currie

Episode 8 – Paul Foot

Episode 7 – Pete Firman and Matthew Winning

Episode 6 – Adam Buxton

Episode 5 – Christian O’Connell, Nish Kumar and Ian Smith

Episode 4 – John-Luke Roberts

Episode 3 – Matthew Ellis

Episode 2 – Michael Legge

Episode 1 – Tony Law

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