The Generic PodGuest Invitation


Hey, you. You’re reading this because I’m asking if you’d like to be a guest on my podcast. Or you’re just snooping around the site, like the non-podguest worthy scum that you are (thanks for visiting!)

Here is what a previous guest and listener of the show had to say about their experience on the podcast:

iain pod

Iain Stirling – stand-up comedian and voice of Love Island

For it, I’ve already spoken to the likes of Eddie Pepitone, B.J. Novak, Al Murray, Adam Buxton, Mark Watson, Alex Horne, Josie Long, Richard Wiseman, Jo Caulfield, Tony Law, Robin Ince, Claudia O’Doherty, Sammy J, Tom Stade, Paul Foot, Beardyman, and many others. And if those names mean nothing to you, just know that they’re all great (See how I treat my past guests? Complete gentleman.)

I’m James, hello. This would take about 30 – 45 minutes of your time but could obviously be shorter if needed, you’re a busy man/woman. It’s usually pretty fun and silly, but if those two adjectives just made you a bit sick, don’t worry, we could totally do ‘awkward and funky’ instead. I love interviewing and it’s much more about having a chat with some daft questions for a while, rather than working out why acts do what they do, or how they do it.

You might be thinking at this point, ‘hey, this all looks well and good, but what’s your vibe? I only agree to things when I know the vibe of everyone involved’ and I gotta say, it’s pretty relaxed, I reckon. So that’s that.

It can be recorded anywhere in Edinburgh. I’ve got a ‘portable audio recorder’ (showing off.)

Here’s the latest episode if you want a little listen:

If this is of any interest to you at all, please do reply to the tweet I’ve sent, or send a direct message, or.. never mind (I nearly did the carrier pigeon joke that most people would do here, but I stopped myself. That’s the kind of class you’re dealing with.)

I’ll absolutely get in touch with your people if you’d rather that’s how we do this, I just wanted a place to explain the thing.

Here are all the episodes: (iTunes here.)

Thank you! Hope you’re well. Oh and I’m lovely. Just, you know, as a person. In case you were wondering, and that was a deal breaker.

james walker work pic

(Photo proof of my loveliness.)


James Walker.

P.S. If you’re worried that this seems a tad impersonal, and think I might just be sending it to everyone, don’t worry. I’m only sending it to ‘not as many as that’/people I’d really like to talk to. And if you would’ve rather that I mentioned your name a load of times in it, again, don’t worry. I’ll say your name when we record it. A LOT. If you agree, I’ll never stop saying your name, baby..

OK, that bit got weird, and I apologise.