Chats (for you) – Episode 55, James Acaster 3: James Acaster With A Vengeance

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Yes I am running with this Die Hard thing so hard, I hope they can’t sue me

In this 55th episode of Chats (for you) with James Walker, James Acaster makes his THIRD appearance on the podcast in.. James Acaster 3: James Acaster With A Vengeance.

A 3 TIME GUEST! This is a WORLD first! No person has ever been on a podcast 3 times (don’t factcheck that)

Topics covered include his 4 (FOUR!!!) upcoming Netflix specials, his book tour, how much the start of Vue cinema showings suck, who he’d like to get his vengeance on, and how his previous appearances on this podcast have been the key to all of his success.

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James Acaster’s Classic Scrapes – one of the funniest books you’ll ever read – can be purchased in all good bookshops, Amazon (here), and all the other places. Also on audiobook.

Acaster on twitter: @jamesacaster.

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Walker – bald host boy – on twitter: @jameswalkerguy.

Previous episodes with Acaster can be found here (first one) and here (second one)


Chats (for you) – Episode 47, Carl Donnelly

carl donnelly n j-walk

Vegan champs Carl and James post convo

In this 47th episode of Chats (for you) with James Walker, Carl Donnelly is the guest. We talk about a wide variety of things, from Wikipedia lies to our veganism (oh yes please get in my ears). I also completely blank two times – Carl was a complete gent and didn’t storm out immediately when this happened (he even covered for me by listing his favourite vegetables, what a guy)

There is also the debut exclusive of his (acceptable) Gordon Ramsay impression.

Listen below. Please share around if you enjoy!

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Carl is touring his show Bad Man Tings across the UK, hitting up the excellent Stand venues on his way around. Details here.

Carl on twitter: @carldonnelly.

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Chats (for you) – Episode 29, Sammy J

photo by james penlidis

photo by james penlidis

In this 29th episode of Chats (for you), James talks to comedian, Sammy J.

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Sammy’s Facebook page.

Sammy J on twitter: @SammyJ_comedian. Follow him to be the first to know if he ever does get to post his one and only tweet.

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Chats (for you) – Episode 5, Christian O’Connell, Nish Kumar and Ian Smith

In this episode of ‘Chats (for you)‘, James talks to Christian O’Connell, Nish Kumar and Ian Smith. It’s a special bumper fringe episode sort of thing. It was a well serious set-up. There was a table reserved for the interviews and everything. A rather nice table it was, too.

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Christian, Nish and Ian are all on twitter: @oc, @mrnishkumar and @iansmithcomedy.

Chats (for you) on twitter: @chatsforyou.