Chats (for you) – Episode 40, Jarred Christmas

Jarred and James after recording the podcast. Both of them luvin' it.

Jarred and James after recording. Both of them luvin’ it.

In this 40th episode of ‘Chats (for you)‘, James talks to comedian, Jarred Christmas.

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Jarred’s website:

Jarred on twitter: @jarredchristmas.

Chats (for you)/the host of said chats on twitter: @chatsforyou/@jameswalkerguy.

Chats (for you) – Episode 31, Eddie Pepitone

In this 31st episode of Chats (for you), James talks to comedian, Eddie Pepitone. Features a PODCAST EXCLUSIVE MOMENT.

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Eddie can be seen in the Pleasance Courtyard (Pleasance Above) at 9pm until the end of the Fringe. Tickets.

Eddie is on twitter: @eddiepepitone.

Chats (for you) on twitter: @chatsforyou.

Chats (for you) – Episode 14, Adam Kay (and an exclusive new song!)

In this 14th episode of ‘Chats (for you)‘, James talks to Adam Kay. And Adam performs a brand new exclusive song! (that can only be heard right here on this podcast!)


Adam is on twitter: @amateuradam. And as well as being on twitter, he’s also going on a UK tour. Dates on