Chats (for you) – Episode 35, B.J. Novak, Craig Campbell and A Waiter

bj and craig pic

In this 35th episode of Chats (for you), James talks to writer and actor B.J. Novak, comedian Craig Campbell, and A Waiter.

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B.J. Novak’s book ‘One More Thing’ is available here (US Amazon) and here (UK Amazon) and many other places. Like, seriously, so many. Would take me way too long to list all the places its available around the world, so please forgive me for not doing so. He can also be found on twitter: @bjnovak.

B.J. and James after a little chat action.

James and B.J. after a little chat action.

Craig is going on tour and dates for said tour can be found here. He can be found on twitter too: @moosefucker.

The waiter featured in this episode is hopefully still working in the restaurant we were in. And I have no idea if he’s on twitter.

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